The single session may serve as an introduction to the nutrition coaching process, or it may be used as a follow-up to help you stay on track following the completion of a coaching package.

US $125


The 12 week package provides a solid foundation for meeting your health and weight loss goals. Kellie will work with you to define your health and weight loss goals, create your action steps, identify and break your weight loss barriers, and begin to see weight loss results. This package includes an initial 45 minute consultation, four 45 minute sessions per month, and email support.

US $400/month


The 6 month package allows more time for permanent lifestyle changes to occur. This package is recommended for individuals who may have a wider range of health issues to explore, a significant amount of weight loss to achieve, or for individuals who feel they may benefit from prolonged support and accountability in creating permanent lifestyle changes. This package includes an initial 45 minute consultation, four 45 minute sessions per month, and email support.

​US $320/month


Kellie will partner with you to clearly define your health and weight loss goals. Together, we will create actionable steps aimed at achieving long-lasting results!


​Kellie will work with you to achieve your health and weight loss goals from a psychological perspective. We will identify any potential psychological barriers that have prevented you from losing weight in the past. We will work together to break these barriers and achieve permanent lifestyle changes.


​We will work together to discover your body's individual physiological patterns, responses, and needs. Kellie will provide you with the nutritional knowledge, resources, and accountability that you need to meet your health and weight loss goals without counting calories, counting points, or yo-yo dieting.

​​Are You Ready to Make Your Health and Weight Loss Goals a Reality?

Nutrition coaching provides you with the education, support, and tools you need to develop healthy eating behaviors that foster healthy weight loss and permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

Kellie partners with you as you take the first steps to recreate your lifestyle, and develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime! Nutrition coaching focuses on health and weight loss goals that are specific to you as an individual. You are the mastermind of your lifestyle and weight loss goals, and Kellie serves as an informative accountability partner.

All nutrition coaching sessions may be completed in person, or from the comfort of your home by telephone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.