including specialized areas such as: wellness coaching, marriage coaching, and financial coaching. I am currently in the process of completing my graduate certificate in nutrition, with an anticipated graduation date of May, 2017. I am also in the process of seeking my professional life coaching credentials through the ICF, of which I am also a member. Following my May, 2017, graduation with a graduate certificate in nutrition, I plan to continue to pursue my Masters in Public Health: Nutrition, as the pathway to becoming a registered dietician (RD) in the state of Virginia.

About the Coach
          Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kellie Vanella, and I am a professional health and nutrition coach, who desires to use my personal experiences and educational background in psychology, life coaching, and nutrition to motivate and inspire others who wish to pursue and establish permanent healthy lifestyle changes. My goal is to bring you the information, techniques, support, and accountability needed to ensure your success in meeting your personal wellness goals. I hold a BS in Psychology and have completed over 240 instructional hours of specific life coaching courses,

​​​​​​​​​My Personal Journey Toward Wellness

          In 2012 I began my own personal journey toward wellness after ten long years of suffering from a myriad of unexplained health conditions including: Hypothyroid Disease, Fibromyalgia, General Anxiety Disorder, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts and weight gain associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Migraine Headaches, and Vertigo. Throughout the years, prior to beginning my transformative journey, I underwent extensive and expensive testing and diagnostics, exploring every avenue recommended by my doctors in order to find relief. Ultimately, conventional medicine provided no answers or explanations regarding the root cause or possible solutions to the many issues that I was facing. In fact, each year a new issue and complications arose and each year a new diagnosis followed, which ultimately left me feeling hopeless and powerless over my body, mind, and future.

      Finally, after years of struggle, I made the decision to approach these issues from a different angle. I turned to nutrition and other healthy lifestyle changes in the hope of finally finding some relief. I reached out for advice from wellness coach, Jen Knutson, of Essential Wellness, and soon began overhauling my lifestyle and eating habits. Three months later relief finally came! In addition to being thirty-three pounds lighter, I was also absent of PCOS symptoms, Endometriosis symptoms, Vertigo symptoms, and Migraine headaches! To my great surprise, my thyroid tests also came back completely normal for the first time in ten years! With my doctor's approval, I was able to go off all of my medications, including my thyroid replacement medication! So began my enthusiasm regarding nutrition. With it came a desire to dive back into my educational pursuits--something I never would have imagined being a possibility before, given my previous health complications--and pursue health and nutrition coaching in the hope of assisting others in their journey toward wellness.

          My journey toward wellness is ongoing. The successes that I have experienced over the past few years--both large and small--have empowered me to maintain the lifestyle changes that I have made and to continually strive toward self improvement in all areas of my life. I firmly believe that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of total mind and body health, and that you cannot hope to live the best life possible without making this a priority in your life. In addition, I encourage all of my clients to explore the whole self while striving to reach their health and nutrition goals. This includes fun and recreation, intimate relationships, friends & family, career, physical environment, personal growth, and finances. In addition to assisting my clients in establishing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, I also wish to instill in every individual that I have the privilege of working with this fundamental truth: While we do not always have the ability to choose our circumstances, we always maintain the ability to determine our personal outcome.

Let's Get Started!

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